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Historic Preservation

SSRG is the industry leader in restoring historic buildings to prominence. From churches and notable landmarks, to historic institutions in education and government, SSRG gets the job done right in the most cost-effective way possible. We are preservationists at our core, passionate about maintaining the integrity of historic structures. Our level of customer service and communication is second to none.

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Each year, SSRG is recognized for its work in historic preservation and is a regular recipient of preservation awards. Our culture of quality and extreme attention to detail, along with our deep understanding of both methods and materials, make us the region’s most trusted partner when it comes to the restoration of historic structures.

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Our construction engineers are ready to do what it takes to extend the lifespan of your structure.

"The Louiville Pump Station restoration involved removing multiple layers of exterior paint and restoring and cleaning the building’s original elements – including masonry façade, wood soffits constructed of old-growth hardwood, locally quarried stone and original terra cotta decorations."

" SSRG performed 24,000 SF of exterior elevation cleaning, full re-pointing of brick masonry, stone repair and nearly 2,500 deteriorated brick replacement to aid in restoring Old Saint George back to its original glory. "

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