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Façade & Building Envelope

Facade & Building Envelope Restoration

Building facade and envelope issues can quickly lead to costly property damage, safety issues, and tenant dissatisfaction. SSRG’s possessed knowledge and expertise in facade and building envelope restoration. We ensure that the maintenance, repair, and protection of our clients’ building assets are long-lasting.

Located in Cincinnati? Find out what the 2016 Facade Ordinance means for you [1].

SSRG is an acclaimed specialty contractor devoted to the preservation, repair, and restoration of all areas of the building envelope. It’s been our experience that each project is unique. The evaluation, design, and proper implementation of the repair is critical to success.

SSRG specializes in technology-driven repair and restoration solutions through our specialty contracting services. Our focus is not just to repair visible damage, but to help our clients understand the root cause of their building envelope problems so that we are able to provide long-term solutions.

Facade & Building Envelope Services Include:

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