Little Ferry Board of Education

Hunter Modular Construction contacted SSRG to help devise a helical pile foundation solution for modular building complexes for the Little Ferry Board of Education.

After engineering discussions and reviews, the Structural Engineer designed 212 helical piles to act as a foundation for two building complexes.

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The problem

The soils on site were designated as poor (WH at some locations) through 28’ to 30’. This would not permit the necessary modular systems to be installed, and the Board of Education needed these modular structures.

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The fix

The average pile embedment to bear on the fine sand came up to 35’, providing the reinforcement necessary to offer a solid foundation for the project.

During installation of piles there were challenges due to working in heavy rains for a couple of days. The rains did not stall the work schedule, however, thus affirming the use of helical piles as a better solution, including in adverse weather conditions.

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