Historic Hotel Stabilization

This 110-year-old structure is a vibrant new hotel. But when ownership decided to create a spacious ballroom in the basement, they needed experts in stabilization to make it possible. They needed SSRG.

Originally built in 1907, this structure was once Kentucky’s first modern skyscraper. In 2016, it re-opened as Hotel Covington and today is known for its 114 guestrooms, restaurants, and outdoor courtyard.

As business continues to grow, Hotel Covington needed to rearrange the basement layout to open it up for a new ballroom. Adding to the difficulty of the project was tight access in the basement. The team navigated through many obstacles to get the right equipment in place.

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The problem

The soil bearing conditions in this area of Covington are not adequate for installing more standard shallow footings and foundations. The owners of Hotel Covington wanted to change the layout of the basement of the three-story building to allow for a new ballroom space. The open floorplan required eliminating a bearing wall, which in turn required creative foundation solutions.

The fix

The plan was to replace the existing bearing wall with a steel beam and column system supporting the walls above. First, the team had to cut the existing slab in the sub-basement around the old pool. The basement actually still had the old pool tiles on the walls!

Crews then installed 32 helical piles to adjust for Covington’s soil-bearing conditions. These helical piles act as deep foundations to support the new column footings that will open the basement space up significantly. With a more open space, the basement can have new life as a ballroom.

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