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Location: Cincinnati, OH
Construction Schedule: 4 months
Type of Project: Concrete Repair; Masonry
Customer: HGC Construction

SSRG performed concrete and masonry repairs for the renovation of a historic downtown building into the new Tire Discounters home office. The original structure was built in 1919 and now offers six stories of modern office space.

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SSRG was brought on as a specialty contractor to repair concrete beams, perform masonry repairs, and repair window openings in preparation for window replacements. Specific details of the scope included:

  • Sealant replacement of terra cotta coping on approximately 96 coping stone joints.
  • Masonry tuckpointing on 15% of overall brick facade on East & South elevation
  • Concrete beam repairs at approximately 20 windows

SSRG is no stranger to large window replacement projects.

Work was also performed on the West retaining wall and infill area well. This work required removing existing windows and infilling with 8″CMU grouted solid with reinforcing. The teams then anchored the CMU to jambs, filled the window well with leancrete, and finished the top of leancrete with 4″ of reinforced concrete sidewalk. Finally, waterproofing was applied between the leancrete and the concrete.

exterior of Tire Discounters Home Office in downtown Cincinnati
Exterior facade of Tire Discounters new Home Office
exterior of historic brick office building in downtown cincinnati at night
exposed rebar from failing concrete beam
mold around new concrete beam
repaired concrete beam
exposed rebar on crumblinc concrete window beam at Tire Discounters Home Office
mold around repaired window frame
repaired concrete window beam at Tire Discounters Home Office

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