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Location: Cincinnati, OH
Cost: $ 170,475
Schedule: July 2018 – August 2019 (two phases)
Architect / Engineer: Advantage Group Engineers
Services: Restoration, Reinforcement

SSRG has a longstanding partnership with The Port, thanks to both organizations’ commitment to preserving historic structures and giving them a second life. It was no surprise when the Restoration Division received a call to take on what is known as The Rubel House.

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The Rubel House was designed in the 1890s by esteemed local architect Samuel Hanaford. Hanaford is also responsible for local icons like Cincinnati City Hall, Music Hall, and the Elsinore Tower. The 6,000 SF home is in the neighborhood of North Avondale and had previously been used as a nursing home. Through the years, many changes had been made to the property, and the Port hoped to return it to its original glory.

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The SSRG team led the restoration of the stunning front porch. This stately feature includes an impressive rounded corner, but the entire structure had fallen into grave disrepair. SSRG rebuilt the porch with a standing seam metal roof. This required saving the original corbels and recreating the historic timbers. One particularly unique element of the project was the rounded corner. The original structure had used one large timber curved into its radial arc, as opposed to connecting multiple beams together. In order to match the original quality of this feature, the SSRG team built a steam chamber and steamed a large timber in order to slowly and carefully bend it into the radius needed.

Other scope of the project included rebuilding chimneys, slate roof repairs, and rebuilding a number of collapsed floors.

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exterior of dilapidated Rubel House
scaffolding and crews at Rubel House
Repairs underway at Rubel House
repairs underway at the Rubel House
concrete stair in disrepair
detail of porch roof decorative trim
Repairs to curved roof beam at Rubel House
concrete sidewalk forms in front of Rubel House
exterior of Rubel house
Repaired sidewalk at Rubel House
Repaired concrete stair at Rubel House
detail of repaired porch roof on Rubel House
detail of curved porch roof at Rubel House

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