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Stuart’s Opera House

Photo at night of the newly renovated opera house

Location: Nelsonville, OH
Schedule: July 2015 – February 2016
Cost: $1,100,000
Type of Project: Historic PreservationFacade & Building Envelope
Client: Stuart’s Opera House

Stuart’s Opera House in Nelsonville, Ohio was once a prominent historic theater house. The Opera House had served as an anchor to the Nelsonville town square since 1879. The block of buildings was struck by fire in April of 2015. The exterior was left standing in thanks to a brick firewall, but the interior was destroyed by smoke and water damage.

SSRG restored the historic façade and returned the interior to a usable space. Before restoration could begin, SSRG stabilized the exterior of the building to allow the interior to be completely demolished. New steel was installed to reinforce the interior and create new floors. Concrete and steel were used to build out each of the floors within the building. The building was topped with a wood roof. The existing masonry was removed and reinstalled. Stuart’s Opera House was turned over to the owner in white-box condition.

stuart opera house up in flames. many firetrucks and firefighters work vigorously to put out the fire.
stuart opera house after a very large fire
steel beams reinforcing an upper wall at the Stuart opera house
steel beams reinforcing a wall at the stuart opera house
stuart opera house undergoing construction with a crane above the building to take and deliver material. Scaffold covers the front of the building.
Photo at night of the newly renovated opera house

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