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St. Paul’s Evangelical Church

St. Paul’s Evangelical Church / Taft’s Ale House

st Paul German evangelical church [1]

Location: Cincinnati, OH
Schedule: May 2014 – January 2015
Cost: $500,225
Type of Project: Historic Preservation [2]Facade & Building Envelope [3]
Architect: City Studios [4]

Constructed in 1850, St. Paul’s German Evangelical Church was once the oldest Protestant parish in Cincinnati. The congregation abandoned it in the late 1970’s, leaving a ghostly ruin. Once a prominent church in the neighborhood, the building had been abandoned for many years with much of it exposed to the elements. Emergency stabilization [5] was carried out in the 1980’s to give the building a short-term reprieve. In 2012, the roof collapsed. SSRG was contracted to stabilize the building.

SSRG worked with the general contractor for a comprehensive renovation. SSRG stabilized this historic church [2] at the corner of 15th and Race Street in Over-the-Rhine. The crew’s work ensured that the building remained safe and ready for future renovation. The church went on to become the Taft’s Ale House [6], a local brewery and restaurant.