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St. Paul’s Evangelical Church / Taft’s Ale House

st Paul German evangelical church

Location: Cincinnati, OH
Schedule: May 2014 – January 2015
Cost: $500,225
Type of Project: Historic PreservationFacade & Building Envelope
Architect: City Studios

Constructed in 1850, St. Paul’s German Evangelical Church was once the oldest Protestant parish in Cincinnati. The congregation abandoned it in the late 1970’s, leaving a ghostly ruin. Once a prominent church in the neighborhood, the building had been abandoned for many years with much of it exposed to the elements. Emergency stabilization was carried out in the 1980’s to give the building a short-term reprieve. In 2012, the roof collapsed. SSRG was contracted to stabilize the building.

SSRG worked with the general contractor for a comprehensive renovation. SSRG stabilized this historic church at the corner of 15th and Race Street in Over-the-Rhine. The crew’s work ensured that the building remained safe and ready for future renovation. The church went on to become the Taft’s Ale House, a local brewery and restaurant.

old building that is undergoing the demolition process
Emergency repairs to St. Paul's Evangelical Church in Cincinnati OH
Stabilization in St. Paul's Evangelical Church, to become Taft's Ale House
Stabilization in St. Paul's Evangelical Church
Emergency stabilization to St. Paul's Evangelical Church, to become Taft's Ale House
Broken window in St. Paul's Evangelical Church
Exterior of St. Paul's Evangelical in progress to becoming Taft's Ale House
frontal shot of a red brick church with a grey brick base. a woman in a blue dress walks into the front door.
Taft's Ale House, formerly the St. Paul Evangelical Church

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