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Rumpke Norwood Truck Repair Center

Location: Norwood, OH
Schedule: 3.5 months
Type of Project: Facade [1], Facility Upgrade [2]
Client: Rumpke

Until recently, the Rumpke Norwood Truck Repair Center only had one entrance, making it difficult to maneuver the large trucks inside the building. SSRG completed an addition of a new façade and opening allows better access to the rear of the facility, thus increasing efficiency.

The scope of work included both concrete [3] and façade [1] work. The existing concrete side ramp and a portion of the front concrete wall had to be demolished in preparation for a new ramp. The SSRG crew poured a new 16’ wide concrete ramp for dump trucks, filled the area beneath the existing landing with leancrete to hold the weight of future dump trucks. They also poured new concrete stairs and installed handrails. An abatement crew was hired to remove the original siding and the windows—both contained asbestos.

No part of the façade was load-bearing, so the existing brick, stone sills, door frame, and steel members were  demolished. The team then installed a new steel frame to hold insulated metal panels. These panels are new Rumpke standard, and are a kind of hard insulation with sheet metal siding on either side of it, all coming as one assembly.  In addition, the crew constructed a new block wall, new stone sills, a new man door, two new overhead doors, newly-installed bollards.