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Location:  Milford, Ohio
Schedule:  8 weeks over 2 separate phases
Cost: $11,266.00 (phase 1);  $49,068 (phase 2)
Client:   Milford Historical Society
Services: Historic Preservation, Reinforcement

The Greater Milford Area Historical Society runs its mission out of the historic Promont House. The Victorian mansion is the former home of John M. Pattison, the 43rd Governor of Ohio. The building is now a museum and stunning event center.  SSRG recently completed renovation efforts that restored Promont to its original style and grace.

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The crew focused on repairing the balconies on the tower of the home. The balconettes were inspected during the roof repair, and it was determined that their integrity was weakening due to leaks in the copper flashing. The team removed the deteriorating balconies, salvaging some of the architectural pieces. The crew then:

  • Replicated the original wood corbels and handrails
  • Installed all new balcony sheathing and soffits
  • Installed new copper roofing for the exterior balconies.

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In order to achieve this scope of work, they team also removed flooring in the tower that was deteriorating. During this process, they discovered the original flooring which dates back to 1865. SSRG reframed the bearing members of the balconies, then refinished and reinstalled the original flooring of the tower.

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aerial drone view of newly renovated Promont House in Milford
CLose up of repaired balconies at Promont
Close up of repaired corbels on Promont House
close up of repaired balconies at Promont House

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