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HelicalsLocation: Cincinnati, OH
Schedule: Five days
Type of Project: Geotechnical / Deep Foundation
Client: Triversity Construction



SSRG was contracted by Triversity Construction, to install (22) helical piles as a deep foundation system in the historic Over-the-Rhine district of Cincinnati. The helicals were a solution for stabilizing elevator pits at the Meiner’s Corner buildings project

The soil could be described as clay, needing an average pile embedment of 25 feet. The project specifications involved (22) 2.875″ O.D. round shaft helical piles with 10-12-14 in. helix bearing plates, 40-ton ultimate compression capacity and the piles were galvanized. 

There were two major challenges involved in installation of helical piles at these historic buildings: The low overhead clearance (approximately 8 ft.), and access to the pile locations. SSRG installed the piles in only 5 ft. sections so as not to exceed the required 40-ton ultimate capacity at an average depth of 25 feet. The equipment was lowered into the basement through a cut-out section in sidewalk.

Helical equipment accessing basement through cut open sidewalk
Helical equipment
Helical piles to stabilize old building

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