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Interior of steam pumps at Louisville Pumping StationLocation: Louisville, KY
Cost: $5.3MM
Schedule: July 2017 – October 2019
Engineer: Slesser Engineering
Architect: JRA Architects


After highly successful performances on Pump Stations 1 and 2, Louisville Water Company brought SSRG back to repair and renovate Pumping Station No. 3. SSRG’s scope of work was extensive, including masonry repair and restoration, concrete repair and restoration, and finishes—all while preserving the building’s historic qualities.

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First opened in 1919, the project’s completion timed perfectly with the station’s 100th anniversary. In its time, the industry considered the pumping station cutting-edge technology. The giant steam engine featured an Allis Chalmers Triple Expansion Pump. The pump moved millions of gallons of water but was not as loud as others in the industry. With its capacity and efficiency, the station became known as the “Quiet Giant.”

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Details of the project scope include:

  • The Allis Chalmers steam engine was completely stripped and repainted.
  • All windows were replaced with historically correct window units.
  • The only two original window/door assemblies were restored.
  • Original cast-iron transoms that had been covered up were discovered and restored to original condition.
  • Original copper cornice was repaired.
  • Historically accurate slate roofing was installed.
  • Interior original plaster finish on walls was repaired and repainted.
  • Terra cotta tile was restored to its original finish on all window openings and arched passageways.
  • All masonry joints removed and tuckpointed
  • Masonry densifier and waterproofer applied to exterior of building
  • Interior plaster walls repaired and painted

A particularly unique aspect of the project involved adding a new catwalk around the screen tower. Previously, one long catwalk led over the water directly to the entrance into the screen tower. The screen tower filters Ohio River water. Now, workers can also walk around the entire tower.

Exterior of Pumping Station No. 3 in Louisville
Interior of steam pumps at Louisville Pumping Station
steam pump at Pumping Station No. 3 in Louisville
Pumping Station No. 3 in Louisville
Louisville water pump
Exterior of Pumping Station No. 3 in Louisville

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