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First Lutheran Church

Location: Cincinnati, OH
Schedule: June 2017 – April 2018
Cost: $496,000
Type of Project: Masonry Restoration
Client: First English Evangelical Lutheran Church 


This historic Over-the-Rhine church, dedicated on May 12, 1895, had lost much of its luster after decades without restoration. Half of the pink sandstone needed to be replaced and stained to match the original stone. The south entrance facing Washington Park needed repairs, too, including new stone lettering above the entryway. Both stone turrets flanking the sides of the facade were replaced nearly in their entirety.

SSRG worked closely with the church to get a keen understanding of the client’s needs. The church wanted to create a lot of positive community energy around this project and the their capital improvement campaign. Both parties worked together strategically to build messaging and branding to ensure success for the project and the church as a whole.

In 2018, the facade restoration project was finally completed, and the beautiful old church was revealed to be, still, a beautiful old church. Which is just as the First Lutheran Church community wanted it to be. They didn’t want to dramatically change 121-year-old home, but improve it so that it will last for generations to come.

plastic wrap covering the front of the first lutheran church and scaffold
Blue and orange, SSRG and First Lutheran Church combined signage branding on the outside of the building.
burnt bricks at the first lutheran church
brick foundation at the first lutheran church
outside shot of the first lutheran church, patina is on the caps of the various roof toppers
Outside shot of the front of the First English Lutheran Church
Outside shot of the front of the First English Lutheran Church
Outside shot of the front of the First English Lutheran Church

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