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Edgecliff Point Condominiums

A luxury high-rise building with lots of windows, viewed from below, so that the building reaches toward a bright blue sky. A tree frames the top left corner of the image.Location: Cincinnati, OH
Schedule: May 2017-October 2017
Cost: $1,000,000
Type of Project: Garage Repair & Concrete Paving
Client: Edgecliff Point Condominium Board


SSRG performed comprehensive repairs to the courtyard entrance of the Edgecliff Point Condominiums, a luxury high-rise building.  The team removed the existing brick paver garage deck overlay, and placed 22,000 SF of new, fully-bonded concrete topping slab, sidewalks, and curbs.  They also removed and replaced existing deck drains and piping to accommodate the new grading plan, and completed structural garage repairs at the lower levels.

Worker in a yellow hazmat suit spraying a liquid on concrete. An SSRG employee supervises behind him.
HGC employee working on smoothing out freshly poured concrete at the Edgecliff Point Condominiums. Other HGC employees are in the background also working on smoothing out more concrete.
Arial view of the parking garage at the Edgecliff Point Condominiums

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