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Location: Cincinnati, OH
Schedule: 16 months
Cost: $2,901,000
Client:  Edgecliff Condominiums
Services: Concrete Repair

The prestigious private residence condominiums, The Edgecliff, has a five-story garage. The garage had spalling concrete and corroded rebar. SSRG developed a comprehensive repair plan for the parking garage. The Edgecliff Garage project required 18 phases, but maintained tenant access to the garage throughout the project.

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Floors 5, 4, and 3 needed  a combined 30,604 SF of concrete repairs. The damage on floor 3 was spilling over into the ceiling of level 2. This meant that the work on level 3 required full-depth, allowing the repairs to the ceiling of floor 2 to occur simultaneously. In some places, the garage required temporary shoring up to three floors below the floor being worked on. This supported the loads and stabilized the garage.

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In general, the process used involved working in “stacks.” The team would work on levels 1-5 all in one vertical space. This was just one tactic used to leave as much parking available to tenants as possible. By using hydro demolition, SSRG was able to keep the crew numbers smaller and more efficient, as well as perform complex demolition more quietly, more quickly, and keeping as much of the garage as possible available for tenant use.

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The team communicated with tenants, offering meetings and presentations to keep them updated about the project’s progress.

Tactics of repair included reinforcing the existing steel, applying corrosion protection to the existing steel, extensive concrete repair, and application of a waterproof traffic coating. In all, 57,320 SF of traffic coatings were installed across four garage decks.

Completed Edgecliff Garage
Garage floor post-demo showing rebar and lots of holes
Workers check on the hydrodemolition machine, the AquaCutter
Concrete pour at Edgecliff Garage
Worker smoothing concrete
Completed Edgecliff Garage
Completed Edgecliff Garage
Completed Edgecliff Garage

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