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SSRG worker in front of tilt-up concrete wallLocation: Cincinnati, OH
Schedule: 3 weeks
Type of Project: Concrete / New Construction
Client: Hickory Capital Group



This 94,000 SF new self-storage facility was built using tilt-up construction. SSRG was subcontracted to lead the tilt-up process. Tilt-up construction allows the envelope of a building to be erected quickly and in larger sections than other methods.

This project used tilt-up construction in a particularly unique manner. Instead of merely pouring concrete, standing up the slabs, and painting them, the brick facade was cast-in with the tilt panels. The SSRG team of masons laid the bricks face down, and then the concrete was poured on top of that. The project design also incorporated an eye-catching texture in the building’s facade, which demanded the use of a wide variety of form liners. The walls were erected in an efficient and cost-saving manner.

Exterior CubeSmart self storage
tilt-up concrete forms
SSRG masons laying brick for CubeSmart facade
SSRG Crew at work on CubeSmart in Eastgate
A wall constructed with tilt-up
SSRG worker in front of tilt-up concrete wall
Exterior CubeSmart self storage

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