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Crossroads Uptown / Old Saint George 

Location: Cincinnati, OH
Schedule: May 2015 – August 2016
Cost: $817,225
Type of Project: Historic Preservation, Facade & Building Envelope
Client: Model Group
Architect: Platte Design
Engineer: Advantage Group Engineering

Old Saint George, a former Roman Catholic Church, was constructed in 1873. The steeples caught fire in 2008 and were destroyed. SSRG performed exterior elevation cleaning, as well as brick masonry restoration and replacement on this historic building as part of the large-scale renovation that converted the historic structure into the Crossroads Uptown Campus.

The full restoration of Old Saint George was handed by many contractors. SSRG performed 24,000 SF of exterior elevation cleaning, full re-pointing of brick masonry, stone repair and nearly 2,500 deteriorated brick replacement. The 100′ tall south bell towers posed a challenge to the SSRG team. In order to effectively remove the carbon buildup on the facade, SSRG utilized a 150′ boom lift and Diedrich’s Envirostore 101 to clean both charred towers. The  buildup melted away, leaving the historic facade shining through.

SSRG also repaired and reinforced both the friary and chapel roof by installing significant steel and wood to the structure. Reinforcement of the heavy timber trusses posed significant challenges, which were met with creative solutions. In the end, our world-class team completed this work quickly and cost-effectively.

An old Catholic Church with a large stone facade
Looking upward at an old church covered in construction scaffolding as the facade receives extensive repairs. Blue sky, with sun creating a mild lens flare. Part of Crossroads Uptown project.
A worker in a full white suit of Personal Protective Equipment stands in front of scaffolding and cleans and restores the stonework at the foundation of the Old Saint George church as part of Crossroads Uptown project.
An image of the burnt and damaged bell tower, octagonal with red brick and copper patina detailing. It was restored and repaired as part of the Crossroads Uptown construction project.
A crane lifts a copper patina steeple onto an historic church as part of the Crossroads Uptown construction project.
A large church with red brick and tan stones. The stones and bricks work together to create ornate decorative patterns on the facade. Three sets of double doors make up the front entrance. Two tall steeples are on either side of the building. The roofs of the steeples are a light teal color. The sky is bright blue without a cloud in sight.

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