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The Cincinnatian Hotel

Cincinnatian Hotel

Location: Cincinnati, OH
Schedule: Four months
Type of Project: Stabilization & Masonry
Client: SREE Hotels


Originally built in 1882, The Cincinnatian is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and remains the only small luxury hotel in the city. The facility had not seen any major work since 1986, and was in need of updating. SSRG was selected to provide stabilization and masonry expertise as part of the  extensive renovations on this hotel to prepare it for becoming Ohio’s first Curio Collection by Hilton Hotel.

The first step, demolition on the first floor, revealed drastic structural deficiencies that required major overhaul. Approximately 40% of the existing floors had to be removed. Restoration of the floors required innovation. Some of the structure was still the original 1884 structure, badly compromised due to age. SSRG partnered with the construction manager to implement a design-build concept. Most of the floors were torn out, and even revealed architectural pieces that had been buried for years. All work was completed while allowing the hotel to maintain daily operations.

A new restaurant and bar, Brick + Mortar, was added to the front corner of the building, more accessible to the general public. The American-style gastropub creates a casual and cozy environment with dark wood and exposed brick. After years hidden by drywall, those brick walls were painstakingly restored by SSRG masons. All of the brick intended to be exposed was carefully cleaned. Then the crew cut in new openings and raised the lintels on some. In order to provide finished openings, some of the jambs required relaid brick. Finally, everything received a sealer to keep it clean.

The details incorporated to refresh this historic icon not only match the new brand, but pay homage to the building’s history and the city’s.

Large hotel lobby with high ceilings
Restaurant and bar with dark wood and exposed brick
Restaurant and bar with dark wood and exposed brick
Exposed brick showing deterioration
Cincinnatian Hotel exposed brick before
Brightly lit market style restaurant

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