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Location: Cincinnati, OH
Cost: $88,000
Schedule: 3 weeks
Architect / Engineer: Advantage Group Engineers
Client: Cincinnati Paperboard / Greif
Services: Facilities Upgrades and ModificationsReinforcement

Cincinnati Paperboard is a high-capacity recycling plant. In 2019, the plant came under new ownership with Greif, a manufacturer of industrial packaging. Greif brought in SSRG to complete seemingly-impossible repairs.

SSRG is a frequent partner for plants unable to pause operations.

The recycling facility contains a 10-ton overhead crane. The crane’s supporting steel frame and railing was substantially deteriorated. It was imperative that Greif replace the structural steel frame and runway.

Lern more about SSRG’s work with steel.

Unfortunately, the structural steel is adjacent to the active rollers of the paper recycling machine. The machine runs 24-7-365. Shutting it down, even temporarily, was not an option. After being told over and over again that their project was “impossible,” Greif called SSRG.

To access the old equipment and update it, workers handled the materials under a low roof, over and across the active machine. SSRG created a solution that modified the original design details. They invested in extensive pre-planning, held regular meetings at project milestones, and innovated customized rigging equipment. Plus, of course, they brought the average SSRG courage, confidence, and never-quit attitude.

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machinery at Cincinnati Paperboard recycling plant
interior of recycling plant
Hazy interior of recycling plant
Worker maneuvers steel beam as part of Cincinnati Paperboard repairs
worked carefully maneuvers steel beam over active machinery as part of Cincinnati Paperboard repairs
Steel beam inside Cincinnati Paperboard
Cincinnati Paperboard steel repairs

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