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Location: Cincinnati, OH
Construction Schedule: 1 month
Type of Project: New Construction, Deep Foundation
Customer: HGC ConstructionHickory Capital Group


This 82,000 SF new self-storage facility was built using tilt-up construction but the site had challenges, including the fact that it had hard boundaries on three of the four sides: the busy Madison Road, a property line and lagging hill, and a steep hillside. SSRG helped come up with a tieback solution to stabilize the slope, where significant sloughing had begun, and led the use of helical piles wound into the hillside.

  •  (40) 2.875” helical tieback anchors with 8’’, 10’’, 12’’ helix bearing plates were installed at a 15 degree angle to an average depth of 25 ft.  
  • The tension load capacity for each anchor was 30 kips.
  • The tieback anchors were installed with a rebar reinforcement at cap locations and shotcrete slope cover was provided on top to prevent additional sloughing.

This work made the area safe, and allowed the project to use a steeper slope.

Learn more about helicals.

exterior box self storage
SSRG in lift supervising helicals
worker in lift supervising helical installation
hillside with helical piles and shotcrete
large concrete wall using tilt-up construction
large concrete walls using tilt-up construction
exterior of Box Self Storage

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