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250 East 5th Street Garage

Construction worker wearing lots of Personal Protective Equipment works in a dark garage, lit from the side by a work light, looks up and supervises heavy machinery as part of the East 5th Street Garage repairs.Location: Cincinnati, OH
Schedule: April 2016 – June 2017
Cost: $1,735,000
Type of Project: Garage Restoration
Engineer: THP Limited, Inc.


The 250 East 5th Street Garage located in Cincinnati, Ohio consisted of a complete garage restoration project. The project included over 25,000 SF of concrete repair, which involved horizontal repairs, vertical repairs and overhead repairs. Joint sealants throughout the garage were replaced, which totaled over 18,000 LF. The joint sealants included horizontal caulk joints, cove sealants and random crack sealants. After the repairs and caulking was completed, the garage had a full traffic coating assembly installed, totaling roughly 130,000 SF.


concrete floor in repair
concrete floor in repair
workers in red hard hats working on concrete floor
workers in red hard hats cleaning up concrete floor

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