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The SSRG reinforcement team is completing comprehensive balcony repairs at Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio. Great Wolf Lodge is an indoor waterpark and theme attraction with an exterior made to emulate a large-scale rustic log cabin. The balconies were exhibiting notiecable decay due to weather exposure.

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The biggest challenge proved to be replacing the columns. These 34′ logs weigh 1,100 lbs each and must be installed in one piece. This leaves no room for error. The SSRG team methodically stabilizes the surrounding area, then removes the balcony railings. Then there is room for the new column installations. Once installed, the railings are then replaced.

SSRG has experience in complicated column replacements.

installation of new columns at Great Wolf Lodge

Several horizontal beams are also being replaced. The project is progressing well and expects to be complete by the end of the year.

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