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For several years now, SSRG has been Hamilton County’s trusted partner for concrete repairs to Paul Brown Stadium. Every season, comprehensive repairs keep “The Jungle” in top performance. This year, COVID-19 has drastically impacted sports attendance in 2020. But with in-person spectators recently approved, it was important to make sure the stadium was ready for them.

Explore last year’s scope of work.

This year, the crew replaced 14 expansion joints. This is crucial to prevent cracks in the concrete. Concrete expands and contracts with temperature changes, and expansion joints act as a structure’s shock absorber through these movements. Over time, the expansion joint dries out and does not perform as well and it becomes time for replacement.

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The crew also performed nearly three miles of caulking to reseal the stadium. Caulking is imperative to prevent water flow under the concrete, even between expansion joints. Uninhibited water flow can cause concrete surfaces to become out of level.

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In addition to waterproofing, SSRG crews have performed at least 100 specific concrete repairs throughout the stadium. Many projects have a focus on guest safety as teams repair handrails, stairs, and walkways.

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