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repairs to wastewater treatment plantOver the past few months, SSRG has completed multiple repairs and modifications to Cincinnati area wastewater treatment plants. Each plant had unique needs, so SSRG created customized solutions. By incorporating the best technology and listening to the specific needs of the client, SSRG offered the best evaluation, design, and proper implementation of these different repairs.

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Mill Creek

The Mill Creek WWTP began operations in 1959. It is The Metropolitan Sewer District’s (MSD) largest plant, treating about 100 million gallons of wastewater a day. The plant serves central Hamilton County, from the northern county border to the Ohio River. MSD’s Watershed Operations division is also housed at the treatment plant.

The electrical switchgear that powered the plant was housed in an aged facility, on an elevated slab that had become severely deteriorated. The gear was going to be supplemented and partially replaced with a new gear, but before that could happen the slab needed repairs. SSRG conducted full structural repair of the elevated slab. Several control and cove joints were replaced to protect the building structure from further water intrusion, which would prevent further deterioration of the floor slab.

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Muddy Creek

Muddy Creek WWTP has been in operation since 1961 and treats about 15 million gallons a day. The facility serves customers in portions of western Hamilton County. The plant received new mechanical systems. In order for them to be installed, the facility required several 12” holes be core-drilled through a post-tensioned slab, in addition to the creation of a 4×4 rectangular opening.

SSRG used 3D scanning technology to locate the high tension tendons, then modified and re-stressed the tendons as needed to accommodate the new openings. In several places tendons were discovered to be damaged. At these moments, SSRG installed carbon fiber reinforced epoxy on the underside of the slab to strengthen the concrete and overcome the damaged tendons.

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Taylor Creek

Taylor Creek WWTP has been in operation since 1997 and treats about 2.5 million gallons of water every day. The plant serves customers in northwest Hamilton County. The facility was undergoing a comprehensive update to the disinfection capabilities of the water treatment into the natural river. In order to receive the new UV light equipment and controllers, existing tanks required modification. In addition, the tank was suffering from structural cracking and deterioration of the reinforcement, which was causing the concrete to spall.

SSRG was brought in to test and inspect the structural components of the tank, prescribe the necessary repairs, and perform the work during critical shutdown period. The work included structural concrete repair, epoxy crack injection, and protective coating for the tank. All work was carefully coordinated took place over three different one-week critical shutdown periods.

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