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In April of 2019, pieces of sandstone fell from the north tower of the historic Roebling Bridge. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet closed the bridge to ensure driver and pedestrian safety while they determined a solution.

SSRG was brought in as the expert in masonry and historic restoration to work on a Design-Build solution, and the Roebling Bridge re-opens today. Knowing that the stunning structure of the bridge is a well-loved icon, original proposals were intended to limit the amount of netting needed.

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Soon into the design process, it was determined that anchorage was going to be needed in order to implement the netting. When using anchorage, pull tests are required to ensure the efficacy of their use. Due to the historic nature of the structure, many stakeholders wanted as few pull tests as possible. In order to guarantee safety, minimize testing on the historic structure, but still create a solution that performs, an alternate solution was created, and the netting was rigged with tension cables, using an effectively engineered cabling system.

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The end result involves more netting, but a sandstone color was selected to blend in with the bridge as much as possible.

The bridge is once again open to traffic and pedestrians, thanks to the collaboration of many parties, and the engineering minds at SSRG.

The netting will be taken down next spring when permanent renovations are scheduled for the bridge.