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concrete repairs to tunnels at PurdueThe SSRG Concrete Division has been on-site at Purdue University repairing two different tunnels on campus. Work began in May and is on track to be completed by August 5, when students move in for the new school year.

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The Utility Tunnel is under a road new Owen Hall, and so the work required that the road be excavated and put back. The crew closed the road, removed pavement, excavated on either side of the tunnel so that they could cut the tunnel in half. They then excavated below the tunnel so that they could move a water main line to be underneath the tunnel, instead of inside as it had been formerly. This is advantageous because it will mean the water line will not interfere with the actual tunnel.

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The other tunnel is a pedestrian tunnel that connects residence halls. This tunnel needs repairs on the inside, including crack injections and comprehensive concrete repair.

The work has required an average of two crews of three people every day, and has included 2,000 lineal feet of urethane injections.