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Promont is the name of the former home of John M. Pattison, the 43rd Governor of Ohio. The home is a Victorian mansion and is currently serves as a museum, owned and operated by the Greater Milford Area Historical Society. The museum features period furnishings, a reference library, changing exhibits, and a gift shop. As time has worn on the building, SSRG is leading renovation efforts for restoring Promont to its original style and grace.

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The building had noticeable damage in two places. First was a gap in the roof shingles, which allowed water to seep into the attic space during the freeze/thaw cycle in the winter. This leak caused damage to the ornate plaster in the master bedroom. SSRG will repair the plaster and repaint the room once the roofers have completed repairs.

The second place of damage is on the grand tower. The balconettes were inspected during the roof repair, and it was determined that their integrity was weakening due to leaks in the copper flashing. They were deemed compromised, and SSRG removed them. SSRG intends to restore the balconies to their original luster. The decorative corbels, copper flashing and ornate railings will be updated but made to match the originals identically.  SSRG  will fabricate the replica balconies on the ground, then lift and secure them into place one by one.  In order to do this, the team will need to replace some deteriorated framing that lies under the existing floor. This will ensure that the balconies are safe, secure, and dry for the foreseeable future.