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Kentucky’s Braxton Brewing Company has embarked on a large expansion that will include the construction of a rooftop bar. SSRG was contracted, through NorthPointe Group, to prepare the current structure for its new load. Part of this involved the addition of an elevator, and for this, they were going to need helical piles.

Helicals are a more reliable and more flexible way of creating deep foundation solutions. For this project, SSRG installed 8 helical piles as a deep foundation system for the elevator addition to the Braxton Brewing Building. The project took two days.

The major challenges involved in installation of helical piles at this site were

  • poor soil conditions for bearing of piles
  • access to the elevator pit location

The helical pile specifications were: (8) 2.875″ round shaft galvanized helical anchors with 10″, 12″, 14″ helix bearing plates; 30 ton ultimate pile capacity.

SSRG installed these piles in 7 ft. sections in order to achieve the required 30-ton ultimate capacity, at an average depth of 56 ft.