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Zorn Pump Station #3 before work
Zorn Pump Station #3, before restoration begins

SSRG is back at the Zorn water treatment facility in Louisville, Kentucky, performing comprehensive restoration and upgrades of Pump Station #3.

In 2012, a comprehensive restoration was completed on Pump Stations #1 and #2, their utility tunnel, and the Greek Temple-style historic building that no longer functions as a water pumping facility. This work was recognized with ABC Award of Excellence and the AGC Build Kentucky Historic Preservation Award.



The work at Pump Station #3 involves

  • Replace roofing with Virginia Slate material
  • Update windows
  • Remove and tuckpoint all masonry joints
  • Apply a masonry densifier and waterproofer to exterior of building
  • Paint and repair plaster walls on inside.

The project is moving along, and we look forward to sharing the completed project as yet another tough job done well.