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The SSRG team is dedicated to their craft. Whether concrete, masonry, steel, or more, they spend countless hours learning their trade, earning certifications, reviewing industry trends—they stay at the top of their game. Check out Project Manager & Market Leader John Mussman’s “Ode to Concrete,” reflecting on the impact of his work.

“Concrete defines the world in which we live.  Our families, homes, and jobs all depend on concrete to frame the world as we know it.

There’s a certain finality to concrete, an undeniable permanence.  Concrete is the measure of construction progress; it defines milestones and divides the supplemental from the significant.

It transforms the most basic in the world – sand, lime, water – into the most dramatic, columns, arches, and bridges.

Concrete hardens but never stops.  Its perpetual evolution requires maintenance and care like any other evolving structure.  Your concrete has proven its worth and value.  Protect that investment like any other. Hire the best.”

Today’s concrete pour begins!

Posted by SSRG – Structural Systems Repair Group on Friday, March 2, 2018