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Work on Hannaford’s Historic USPS Building

SSRG is currently performing restorations on an historic Hannaford building, the Cincinnati Post Office at 1623 Dalton Ave. This facility serves as the Cincinnati Processing and Distribution Center and handles mail for 51 counties: 34 in Ohio, 12 in Kentucky, and 5 in Indiana.

Built in 1933 by the famed architecture firm Samuel Hannaford & Sons (the same that gave us both City and Music Hall), the Post Office has been a part of the city’s rich history for nearly a century. The Art Deco-style building with a bold stone façade is being meticulously restored on the north, west, and south elevations. Exposure to the elements has compromised the 3’ x 5’ Berea sandstone panels. Repairs require full tear down and replacement in some locations, and patching in others. HGC Construction is replacing the original steel windows in their entirety. Historic replicas were made from aluminum to mimic the original profiles. Just as the United States Postal Service has delivered quality service to its customers for decades, SSRG and the HGC Group of Companies will deliver a first-class restoration to this historic icon.