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Drive through Washington Park in Over-The-Rhine and you will be greeted by the 175-year-old First Lutheran Church. First Lutheran Church has seen a lot of change over the decades and today, change is still taking place.  Pastor Brian Ferguson is proud to be teaming up with SSRG for a Façade Restoration.

His goal: Help share his message about God, the mission of the church and the current renovation in a way that inspires others, with pride and tact

The partnership at hand is pretty neat, as our two brands – missions – have things in common. At SSRG, we use language such as, “strengthen, preserve and protect.” Pastor Brian and his team strengthen people’s lives – providing people with a strong foundation, built from the Gospels. He also strives to preserve, God willing, people’s souls; he endeavors to protect the week, and restore people’s faith in God.

Pastor Brian’s job doesn’t sound easy – it’s certainly a lot of heavy lifting. The good news is that is exactly what SSRG accomplishes. By taking on and tackling the tough jobs, we are known as the best collaborators. Our commitment to sticking it out through the thick and thin has earned us a reputation we are proud of. We’ve certainly seen OTR through thick and thin. So has First Lutheran.  Pastor Brian, too. It’s no wonder we work together so well.

Over-The-Rhine is a neighborhood known to be filled with people from all walks of life; from the homeless to upwardly mobile. First Lutheran’s corner of the city continues to be a center for culture and diversity. With the SCPA, the opening of Shakespeare Theater and the reopening of Music Hall, we wanted to do something different. With our shared desire for creative and inspiring signage in mind, we hired Covington design firm, BLDG, to help us tell this unique story in an appealing way.

Our brand, which is comprised of grids and golden ratios, allows us to think outside of the box, using the same elements found throughout our marketing collateral and combining them with the iconic church. We are proud to say we are part of the team restoring First Lutheran’s building for many future generations to enjoy. Next time you are in Washington Park, keep your eyes open for our unique signage installation, and better yet, feel free to stop in and say hello to Pastor Brian.