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Graeter’s Cherry Grove new facade nears completion

SSRG worker on scaffolding at Graeter's Cherry Grove [1]The SSRG masonry crew has nearly completed the brick facade for a new Graeter’s location in Cherry Grove in Anderson Township. The work is part of comprehensive renovations [2] to this flagship location to improve the site, and add new amenities.

The masonry [3] part of the project is being completed in two phases. Phase I is the addition next to the existing facility, and Phase II is where the existing facility was demolished.

The work began in November 2018 as crews built a concrete block firewall between Phase I and Phase II. Then, the exterior of Phase I started January 2019, with phase II following in March 2019. Throughout the project, SSRG maintained a crew of 4-5 people on site who install an average of approximately 500 brick per day, and 60 pieces of cast stone. The building required a total of 43,000 face brick, and 900 pieces of Arriscraft Cast Stone. An architectural feature is a curved masonry seat wall at the front entrance, surrounding outdoor patio seating.

The crew is only a few weeks away from completion on both exterior facade [4] Phases, with all the additional new amenities set to open later in 2019.