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We are currently stabilizing the unique and beloved ‘Flat Iron’ building in the historic district of Mt. Auburn. The structure, built in 1875, has been in danger of demolition for many years. Recently, public outcry- along with entities including the Greater Cincinnati Redevelopment Authority and the Cincinnati Preservation Collective- have helped to save the structure from the wrecking ball. However, the City of Cincinnati gets the credit for moving this stabilization forward through their efforts, funding, and countless hours of dedication over the past few years.

The structure has a rich history including being home to the Flat Iron Café in the 1950’s. It was also the graphic symbol that the Mt. Auburn Community Council chose for its newsletters, and was even featured in the 1993 movie, ‘Airborne’. Its last known use was a video rental store, but since then has sat vacant and abandoned for nearly two decades.

The Cincinnati Preservation Collective included this building on its Impact Building list in 2015 and stated its importance is based largely on its location, “It sits atop the Sycamore Street hill and is wedged between Sycamore Street and Dorchester Street at the 5-way intersection with Auburn Avenue. The building towers over the street and is a prominent gateway into the historic Mt. Auburn neighborhood from downtown and Over-the-Rhine.”

Below are photos of our team working on the renovation. Check back soon to learn more about this project.