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SSRG’s very own co-op, Blake Myers, will compete in the Construction Institute (CI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers’ unique competition, the CI Heavy Civil Engineering Team Challenge. During this challenge, students team up to create a bid-package for a real-world construction job and present their proposal to construction professionals.

Myers is one of 36 individuals selected nationwide to participate. Furthermore, he is only 1 of 6 selected as a team captain. As a team captain, Blake hand-picked his team of 6 from other accepted applicants. He was responsible for speaking with and coordinating the skill set of each individual to diligently create a well-rounded team.

This competition will bring together top engineering students from all over the country in an effort to give them the information and tools they need to stand out in a competitive job market. Myers is looking forward to networking with other college students pursuing a degree similar to his own. Additionally, he hopes to gain the competitive advantage on how other individuals and companies operate. The CI Heavy Civil Engineering Team Challenges takes places in Fort Lauderdale, FL, July 28th – August 1st.

Myers is from the Northern Kentucky area and currently attends the University of Alabama where he is majoring in Civil Engineering with a minor in Construction. Myers will graduate in December of 2017.