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St. Paul’s German Evangelical Church Restoration

St. Paul’s German Evangelical Church was abandoned by the congregation in the late 1970’s, leaving a ghostly ruin. Emergency stabilization was carried out in the 1980’s to give the building a short-term reprieve. In 2012, the roof collapsed. SSRG was then contracted to stabilize the building.


SSRG worked with the general contractor to stabilize the historic church at the corner of 15th and Race Street in Over-the-Rhine. The initial work ensured that the building remained safe and ready for future renovation. Now St. Paul’s German Evangelical Church is the home of Taft’s Ale House, a three-level microbrewery, bar, and restaurant. Named after former President William Howard Taft, the brewpub originally was going to open in fall 2014, but several complications kept that from happening, including stabilizing the floor to allow 6,000 gallons of beer to sit on it, and a walk-in cooler in the basement. The brew house officially opened just in time for the Reds Opening Day Celebration in 2015.